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Nutrition is so important to our daily lives but knowing what to do and how to do can be the biggest challenge.  My goal as your Nutritionist is to take care of your nutrition needs whether it be for weight loss, muscle gain, achieving nutritional adequacy, sports performance, increasing chances of conception, pregnancy nutrition, nutrition for breastfeeding mothers, weight gain, introduction of healthy food, or for an all over general nutritional assessment.  I pride myself in really personalising your nutrition so it is something designed especially for you that you will love!
My meal plans are truly personalised to take into account your food likes/dislikes, your exercise trainings, your time restraints, any other commitments, catering for others in the household, foods to suit your budget and lifestyle, your cooking abilities and your partner, if applicable.  The result is you will have a nutritional plan so well worked out just for you, full of great tasting meals that the only problem you will have is wondering why you didn't start with me sooner!  This personalisation of your meal plan is what sets me apart from all other nutritionists.
With a Nutrition degree from the University of Otago and a range of services available I can assist you with your nutritional requirements.  I provide Nutrition with Results!  I am also a qualified personal trainer, so if you wish to couple your nutrition with exercise we will be on the road to some exceptional results together.  I am pregnancy certified so I am your go to person for all your exercise needs whether that be pregnant or postnatal exercise.  I look forward to hearing from you and working together to achieve your goals.


About Me
Sheena BurnettNutritionist and Personal TrainerTotally Personalised Nutrition Meal Plans
Sheena Thompson, Nutritionist, Hamilton, Cambridge, Morrinsville
BCApSc, Human Nutrition and Food Science
Certificate in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation
Certificate in Pregnancy and Exercise for Optimal Outcomes
Certificate in Exercising after Pregnancy for Optimal Outcomes
National Certificate in Fitness Level 2
National Certificate in Fitness Level 3
I believe that nutrition plays such a big role in our day to day lives.  I enjoy working alongside people to help them understand how to benefit from eating differently and being a part of the outcomes people achieve.  I provide total support and ongoing motivation to all my clients.  I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise and I hope I can inspire you to join me on this path.
For those choosing group training packages that include meal plans and exercise sessions I am very enthusiastic about these sessions.  I enjoy challenging people in a supportive environment and thrive on seeing clients perform at their best and suprising themselves with their achievements.  Pregnancy clients can also have personal training sessions with me knowing they are going to be safe.  I am your only certified pregnancy exercise personal trainer in the Waikato running my Mum's & Bubs Group Exercise classes.

My point of difference from other nutritionists is my hugely personalised service.  Your meal plans will be designed to fit in with you, and not you have to work around your meal plans.  The meals are enjoyable and I can include recipes of your own if you wish.  I get so much positive feedback about how great the meals are and that it isn't like you are missing out on anything.  Not to mention how quick and easy the meals are, so plenty of time to get on with the other things in life.


Why Choose Me?  
So I am guessing that because you are on my website you are thinking how am I going to be any different to any other nutritional meal plan you've tried in the past, or will it be like your workmate who had a meal plan that was so boring, restrictive and they got in trouble for having a slice of birthday cake!  I am all about lifestyle so there will be no boring meals, and yes on your birthday you can have a piece of cake. 

I want you to live life and not be forever restricting yourself and not allowed any treats occasionally.  It's about having a sensible look at how often your "occasional" treat is happening.  I am human too, no I don't only eat lettuce leaves and carrots, nor do I pretend to!!  The meal plans are created to cover all your nutritional needs including your vitamins and minerals, unlike many diet plans which only look at total calories.

Because I take into account all aspects of your life so that following the meal plan is simple.  Let's say you have to work late on Mondays, fine on Mondays you have a super quick and easy dinner.  Then perhaps on Fridays you have your mother for dinner also, no problems, we increase the recipe size. 

Do you have a family favourite recipe, bring it in with you, I can factor in most things and allow for it over the day, and balance it out for the week.  I will still make sure you reach your needs for carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. 

I also specialise in working with clients through pregnancy.  This can be for pregnancy nutrition or pregnancy exercise in Hamilton.  I run Mum's & Bubs group exercise classes in Hamilton for pregnant mothers and for mums wanting to get back into fitness with baby.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, I am highly motivating and also have the qualifications to train you if you are pregnant.  I work with you through your pregnancy to provide safe and suitable exercises that change as you progress through your pregnancy.  I can then work with you on postnatal exercise to help you return safely to your regular exercise programme.

If you are still unsure, I welcome you to contact me to discuss any further concerns regarding your diet and exercise.


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