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What is the Key to Weight Loss after a baby?

Women are often quite focused on their weight and for first time mums having a baby can make for a challenging time.  I have received comments such as "you don't even look like you've had a baby!" and "is that YOUR baby?" after having my first child.  So I wanted to share with you how I got my pre-baby body back after 3 months.

I had a hard time with breastfeeding as my little one had severe tongue and lip ties so never actually learnt to breastfeed.  I have continued on however with exclusively expressing.  So in this regard I am still producing breastmilk now at 9.5 months postpartum.  Breastfeeding is a very demanding activity on your body and will help to reduce your body fat stores.  During pregnancy your body purposefully stores body fat in order to have these stores in preparation for breastfeeding.  If breastfeeding was unsuccessful for you, (breastfeeding is not easy and so not everyone is able to maintain a supply) all is not lost you can still get your pre-baby body back. 

Getting back to your regular routine is going to take some modifications now that you have a baby.  You will need to plan your activity around your baby somewhat.  Once you are ready to venture out I suggest starting with something low impact such as walking.  It also doesn't cost you anything and you can take your little one in the stroller with you.  It is vital that you allow your body to recover after pregnancy as there are so many changes physically and hormonally which if you push too hard too soon there will be longer term consequences.  I started back with my pelvic floor regime immediately after birth and was back out with small walks at week 4.  I then moved onto my postnatal exercises at week 7.

The hardest thing about getting back to your pre-baby exercise regime is knowing how and when to progress.  It takes 2 years for your ligaments internally to be back to a pre-baby state.  There is so much going on inside which you can't see or feel and if you are including exercises that are going to hinder your body repairing or aligning correctly you are going to set yourself up for issues further down the track.  At the time you may feel fine and enjoy the huff and puff or burn of burpees and pressups however these exercises are not advised postnatally so it could be doing you damage that you are unaware of.  My advice is to seek out a certified pregnancy trainer such as myself who can ensure you are doing exercises safe for a postnatal body.

The biggest component of getting back to your pre-baby body is through good nutrition.  If you are fuelling your body with the vitamins and minerals it requires it makes for a happy metabolism.  Your body knows what it needs to put itself back into balance, however if you are leaving out some component it stalls the process.  Think about if you were making a cake and you go out and buy the ingredients however you forget one thing.  Your options are to either try make the cake missing that item, or to wait until you go back to the supermarket and get the final item before you can start baking.  Your body is similar if you make the cake/pre-baby body without all the ingredients the outcome will not be quite what you had in mind and if you wait until the next supermarket trip it means you don't get the outcome until a later date. 

So I got my pre-baby body back mostly via food, and yes I eat a LOT of it, and helped along with exercise.  I used no pills or potions or magic spells!  It's really quite simple really, healthy everyday foods, plenty of fluids and staying active. 

If you want help knowing what to eat to make sure YOU have ALL the ingredients contact me to schedule a meal plan and we will work together to lose your baby weight.  Combine that with my Mum's & Bubs exercise class and you'll have the winning combination that works.  I'm the proof of that!

Sheena Thompson
Nutritionist and Personal Trainer
Pregnancy Certified
Fit 4 Consumption

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