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Why your trainer needs to be Pregnancy Certified

What does it mean to be Pregnancy & Postnatal Certified?

So I am the only trainer in the Waikato who is pregnancy & postnatal certified. But what does this mean for you? It means that I have done specific study into the female body in relation to the changes that occur during pregnancy and how your exercise needs to be modified to keep your baby safe as well as your own personal wellbeing. 

Hormonal changes during pregnancy mean that your body doesn't hold itself in the same way and so you are at risk of injuring yourself if your exercises are not modified to those from when you weren't pregnant. Also the level of activity, your heart rate and the intensity of your sessions all have a spin off to baby. This can mean that blood flow is restricted to baby which we do not want as this hinders their growth and development.

Postnatally your body needs to then accommodate the again change in hormones plus there is no longer a baby in your tummy and so the body needs to transition through different stages of exercises to adapt to having a "full" belly to an "empty" one. It is vital to work on your core using tailored exercises to return you to a pre-pregnancy state with bladder control, a strong pelvic floor, and without leaving you with (what I like to call) a baby pouch....that bit of tummy below the bellybutton that seems to be accepted as unavoidable part of becoming a mother. This is not true, you can have a flat stomach and have bladder control post baby. However you can not have these things if you are doing exercises that are detrimental to this. Exercises that are detrimental include pressups, burpees, situps, planks, and mountain climbers to name a few.

If your trainer doesn't state that they have pregnancy and postnatal certifications you are taking a risk with both yours and baby's wellbeing.  It is not enough to have an basic exercise qualification, nor years of experience in the general exercise industry, nor does just being a mum qualify you.  Yes these trainers may know about the body in relation to general exercise but pregnancy and after birth is a whole new ball game, and because one mum has done something herself during her pregnancy/after birth and doesn't think she's had any adverse side effects gives no assurance that what she did was correct.  You wouldn't want an unregistered builder so don't risk training with an exercise "cowboy" either. 

Becoming pregnant is such a blessing, many spend years trying to conceive, therefore you want to look after that little miracle and to exercise in a manner that puts baby's growth and development as a priority is important.  You also want to avoid injuries to yourself as well as having a body you are comfortable with after birth. To do so you need to train with a Pregnancy & Postnatal Certified trainer. Here I am at your service!

Contact me for the best in pregnancy and postnatal exercise

Sheena Thompson
Nutritionist and Personal Trainer
Pregnancy Certified
Mum's & Bubs Trainer Hamilton
Fit 4 Consumption

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